When creating content, it is useful to allow the customer to schedule a meeting right within the content itself.

Doing that with Celero, is extremely easy. It doesn't matter if it is a eBook, a Whitepaper, a presentation or a landing page, it takes exactly two clicks to make it happen. Here's how:

Go to your calendar application and copy your link.

for example, if  you're trying to get your customer to schedule a meeting with a sales person using Hubspot:

Getting a calendar link from Hubspot

Once you have the link, simply attach that link to a hotspot in your document.

For example, here is how I would do it, if I wanted to allow my customers to schedule a meeting from within a presentation (in this case I'm using Google Slides):

  1. Add a "button" rectangle to the presentation (see the blue button)
  2. When selecting the button, click on the "link" icon highlighted by the arrow below
  3. Paste the calendar link
  4. You're almost done!
Adding a link to a "button" rectangle in Google Slides

Update your content in Celero, or upload new

Now all you need to do is get the PDF for your content and place it in Celero.

You can either add it is a version to an existing content, or upload a new content altogether.

Make sure it works!

Open your content in the Celero viewer.

Click on the button to open the calendar. Notice the calendar opens as a dialog!

Hubspot calendar in a Celero presentation

Embedding a calendar in the content itself

Embedding a calendar can be a great idea for a call to action at the end of a content or presentation, allowing user or customer to schedule a followup right there and then.

Celero supports a wide Variety of calendar providers, like Hubspot, Outreach, Calendly, Chilly Piper etc.

There are multiple ways to embed a calendar:

  1. Some calendar providers enable you with an embed link that leads to an HTML page. A good example for that is Hubspot
  2. Some calendar providers will only allow you to embed the calendar in your own HTML page. A great workaround for this, that doesn't require coding, is to create a very simple landing page, and place the calendar alone on that landing page.

In both cases, after you have the link to the calendar or the landing page, you will use the following annotation, and link the object in your content where you'd like the calendar to appear.

http://celero/iframe?src=<url to calendar or landing page>


Embedding a HubSpot calendar

To grab a HubSpot calendar link, goto Meetings, and then click on Actions > Embed to view the code:

Once you're in the code, grab the URL in the embed code, and use it in the Celero link. See image below for an example: